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Horizon2020: Interactive Technologies

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  • To who: Game developers experienced in working in the field of AR/VR as well as a background in building platforms and enhancing interactions between individuals.
  • For what: 
    • Coordination and support action (CSA): Interactive Community Building
      • building a platform to gather and share knowledge, algorithms and tools for the development and use of new interactive technologies. This may include the development of a dedicated open operating system
      • providing broad access and technical support for the platform as well as promoting its existence and establishing links with other existing platforms
      • supporting research and development teams in the integration of their tools into the platform
    • Research and Innovation action (RIA): Future interaction
      • Better exploiting opportunities offered by multi-user interactions, researching and developing technologies augmenting human interaction in groups within both professional and private contexts.
      • Or developing future interactive systems offering higher quality experiences, for instance through systems which are mobile, support additional senses, have higher accuracy or incorporate bio or environmental sensors.
  • How much funding is available
    • CSA: Contribution from the EU of EUR 3 million
    • RIA: Contribution from the EU between EUR 2 and 4 million
  • What is the funding rate:
    • CSA: 100%
    • RIA: 70%
  • Deadlines:
    • CSA 17/04/2018
    • RIA 14/11/2018