Slovak Game Developers Association has announced the nominees for Slovak Game of the Year 2019. Thirteen games released in 2019 have been shortlisted for the award. The winners in several categories will be selected by an expert committee composed of game designers, game developers, journalists and other video game industry professionals and officially announced at Game Days Trnava 2020. The winner in the Gamers’ Award Category will be selected by the audience and readers of (voting will be launched soon).

🏆 Categories 🏆
Slovak Game of The Year Gamers’ Award
Best visual design
Best game design
Best debut
Best PC/console game
Best mobile game


Project Solutions

Merge Poker

Milan Baláž

Tile Towers

BE3 Games

Blood Will Be Spilled

Doublequote Studio

The House of Da Vinci 2

Blue Brain Games

Ski Legends

PowerPlay Studio

Trainstation 2

Pixel Federation


Boris Zápotocký


Bartoš Studio

Splash Wars


Vivat Sloboda

Team Vivat