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We are looking for a 2D Game Artist to join our team. Your main focus will be production assets for our games, but will also need to be a generalist in the sense that you should be able to independently design, execute and make your assets work in our games. You will be surrounded by people who will help you become a better game developer each day, inspire you and push you to become a stronger artist.



  • Create beautiful animals, characters, buildings and environments
  • Accurately estimate work time and deliver assets quickly and efficiently
  • Maintain and elevate the visual style, design and overall look of our games
  • Develop and create visual UI solutions, clear menus and VFX


You may also be asked to:

  • Develop visual concepts and ideas for future titles
  • Involve yourself with the look and feel of projects which may include animation, illustration and marketing art



  • Ability to create a variety of cartoon art styles, with a passion for quirky, stylized art design
  • Capable of independently creating 2D art from concept sketching to final renderings/tweaks and exporting them to the game engine (Unity)
  • Proven experience with User Interface design
  • Proven experience with Adobe Photoshop or similar industry standard paint studio
  • Demonstrate pride and responsibility in your work when given the freedom to work independently
  • Experience with Blender 3D modelling is a plus.


Salary: 1500 – 2500 € (Based on Experience)


About Tater Games
Tater Games aims to entertain millions of people for years all around the globe. We believe the best people make the best games, and that’s who we’re looking for. If you love games, possess the skill needed to craft them, and you’re looking for a job that provides ownership and independence, you’re in the right place.

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