Slovak Game Developers Association provides the opportunity to consult your upcoming projects and games in development via all-year-round mentoring and consultations. Upon inquiry, we will recommend and connect you with experts and veterans from the field. For a fee of 50€, you will get a 2-hour session, which can take the form of a conference call or a personal meeting. From our expert pool, we will recommend the most suitable ones for you, depending on the discussion topic and issues that you want to consult.

The program is aimed at beginner and intermediate game developers from Slovakia to provide useful practical information and further professionalize game development in Slovakia. SGDA aims to capture young and emerging creators who already have at least part of the resources to develop their game. With that said the consultations are available to other groups too so don't hessitate to get in touch with us and discuss details.

Our pool of experts can provide advice in following fields (but not limited to):

  • Game design
  • Concept art and art design
  • User experience
  • Analytics and telemetry
  • Operating a company
  • Getting funding
  • Networking at events
  • PR and marketing
  • Legal advice