The Facts Game Jam was held from April 5 to April 7, 2024 with the goal of exploring the cross-section of game development and journalism. It brought together game developers, artists, and journalists to create games and media that tackled issues such as privacy and the technological impacts on news dissemination. The event facilitated a combination of on-site and online participation, offering prizes and mentorship opportunities to promote innovative storytelling and critical perspectives on the media landscape. Facts Game Jam received 33 prototype submissions and was attended by more than 160 participants.

The first-place winners, TEDI Games, will receive €1,500 to further develop their project, along with professional mentoring and the opportunity to showcase their prototype at the international A MAZE. / Berlin 2024 festival.

All games are available via Itch.io.


First Place:
TEDI Games with their game "Barely News." Team members Magdaléna Švecová, Dalibor Bartoš, Michal Kabát, and Danyelle Akeela Cohen Burke created a news game that provides players with objective information about brown bear issues, using a fun approach and relevant scientific sources. The game features a bear navigating a human-filled forest, educating players on wildlife and human coexistence.



Second Place:
Team Problem with "Truth’s Last Line," developed by Jakub Lukač, Filip Tumidalský, Michal Lešo, Juraj Mikloš, and Kristián Kočiš. This game puts players in the role of a journalist in a secluded house, defending against forces that seek to suppress the truth, offering a thrilling exploration of journalistic integrity and the challenges of truth-seeking.



Third Place:
Dilemma Dreamers for their game "Swipe the Truth," crafted by Tomáš Vician, Patrícia Sujová, Radka Matuseková, and Martin Balek. Players navigate modern media landscapes, distinguishing real news from hoaxes through interactive decision-making, enhancing critical thinking and media literacy.


Special Mentions were awarded to Syetary for "Echo Times," by Lukáš Brilla, Juraj Juriščin, Radovan Beler, Ivan Čabra, and Ivan Brťka, and DreamForge Interactive for "Disinfodash," developed by Filip Tomiš, Juraj Blaško, Filip Dlhý, Vladimír Ferko, and Richard Dulák.

The event was organized by the The Goethe-Institut Slovakia, Slovak Game Developers Association, A MAZE. / Berlin, and Grindstone

Partners supporting this initiative include Noctua, 3DIVISION, and FEI TUKE, each contributing significantly to the success of this event.

FACTS GAME JAM is part of PERSPECTIVES, a pan-European journalism initiative fostering multiperspective and constructive journalism through art and digital games.