In 2019, the Slovak video game industry had a turnover of EUR 51.1 million and employed 762 professionals

According to the Slovak Game Developers Association, the turnover of Slovak projects and companies will reach EUR 55 million in 2020 and the number of people working in this segment will increase by almost 20% to 900 professionals. The association, which represents the creators of digital games in Slovakia, publishes updated statistics on the gaming industry in Slovakia for 2019, including 2020 predictions.

The Slovak Game Developer Association (SGDA) has released an updated version of statistics on the Slovak gaming industry called Slovak Game Development Industry 2020, which shows that digital game creation is an extremely attractive branch of the creative industry with a low entry threshold but a high degree of competition on the world market. This year, according to estimates resulting from the annual survey, the turnover in the field of digital games, created by Slovak creators, will reach the amount of approximately EUR 55 million.In Slovakia, 55 companies of various sizes are currently involved in the creation of digital games, with more than 200 professionals working in the largest of them, the Pixel Federation studio in Bratislava. 61% of companies operate in western Slovakia (especially in Bratislava), in eastern Slovakia (mainly in Košice) it is 31%. About 50% of companies have been operating in the market for more than five years.

At the end of 2019, the companies employed 762 professionals in Slovakia, covering various positions of technical, artistic, and administrative nature, 125 of whom are women. 35% of companies also employ an international workforce and another 16% plan to employ professionals from abroad in the near future. The most sought-after positions include programmers, marketing experts, graphic designers, and game designers. The turnover of Slovak creators of digital games increased from 2018 to 2019 by almost 12%. SGDA estimates that the ever-growing market and new opportunities associated with the upcoming generation of gaming consoles will help Slovakia achieve a turnover in the gaming industry of around EUR 55 million in 2020.

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